Acquire AZUS

Acquire the needed collateral in order to set up an AZUS Masternode on any official exchange partner. Users can currently purchase AZUS here.


Download Wallet

Please download your wallet of choice here.


Acquire VPS

As long as that criteria is met, users can choose their choice of a VPS provider.
The minimum requirements for a VPS are:

  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • 25 GB SSD Disk


Please send the current collateral to a new receiving address in your local wallet. The current collateral can be found in the reward structure page.  Once the transaction receives at least 20 confirmations, go the debug console to get the masternode outputs.  Command: getmasternodeoutputs


Set Up VPS

Please enter the below commands into your VPS

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AzusNodes/Scripts/main/install-MN-16.0.4.sh

bash install-MN-16.0.4.sh

When prompted to enter a masternode priv key, please go to your local wallet debug console, and entre the command: createmasternodekey. Please use the key you received from the debug console for the VPS


Launch node

First setup the masternode.conf file with all of the information gathered in the above steps. Save and close the file.

Please reopen the wallet and go to the masternode tab in the local wallet and launch the desired node.

For a more detailed setup instructions, please take a look at our github.