AZUS is a proof of stake coin, with an 90% Masternode and 10% POS split. Users are be able to take advantage of both features, or focus on whichever one appeals to them most.


The AZUS blockchain was developed with the latest technology, with both encryption features to secure the local wallet, as well as additional features that help secure the blockchain from network attacks.


AZUS values its users privacy, all transactions are securely stored on the blockchain, with only the public keys visible on the explorer.


AZUS blockchain is entirely decentralized, without any center point of attack. As the project continues to gain adoption, it will only become more and more decentralized, increasing the stability and security of the chain.

Transaction Speed

Transactions on the blockchain are available almost instantly, with very low network fees.





60 Sec

Block Time



Setting Up AZUS

There are several ways users can join the AZUS project. For users that prefer a hands off approach, they can join the staking pool.  The local wallet default setting is turned on for staking, therefore users simply need to send coins to their local wallet and wait for their coins to mature (roughly 6hrs), and staking will begin.  In order for staking to remain on, users must keep the local wallet open.  For users that prefer a more hands on approach, they can setup a masternode, and enjoy a larger percentage of the block rewards (90%).  Detailed instructions on how to setup a node can be found on the how it works page.

How it works